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Delaware Valley Surf Anglers Association

ASAC Tournament Competitions

Club History:

Delaware Valley Surf Anglers Association was founded in 1957 by Robert E. Dillon.  Previous to 1957, the original group of surf fishermen were known as the West Philadelphia Surf Anglers.  The name was changed to Delaware Valley Surf Anglers when the members moved to Northeast Philly.   Karl J. Boehret joined in 1958 and served as Treasurer of the club from 1958 until his death 33 years later in 1991!  Our tournament is named in his honor.
The club has always been actively involved in the ASAC tournament competition.  In the late 50's and early 60's, DVSA consistently placed in the top five in ASAC competition.  The club is still very active in all ASAC functions and in 2007 the B team finished 7th and the A team finished 10th in ASAC team competition.
Current members reside throughout the entire Delaware Valley region.  Men, women, children and those new to surf fishing are encouraged to participate.


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40th Annual Karl J. Boehret Surf Fishing Tournament in Sea Isle City, NJ on May 14, 2022


This event will be a team and individual tournament. Team (6 fisherpersons) registration is $60.00. Individual registration is $10.00.



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